Our Mission
To produce students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders
Our Vision
To transform our nation by producing upright leaders of the future through high quality and sound education
Newsletter December 2012


Newsletter Dec 2012

Pastor & Mrs. W. F. Kumuyi

To transform our Nation by producing upright leaders of the future through high quality and sound education.
Mission Statement
To produce students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders.

Mrs. Thelma O. Malaka


Abeokuta Principal: Mr.Ademolu Oluwafemi
Papa Adeosun Village, near Aderupoko, Odeda Rd, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
08056755909, 08158190091

Abuja Principal: Mr Ali Francis
Along Water park, Kado Estate, Abuja.
08036244878 08191150973, 08158190081

Ado-Ekiti Principal: Mr. Ajala Michael Oluwole
Afao Road, Ado-Ekiti.
08034173338, 08158190110

Akure Principal: Mr. Ayofe Amusan
Iwoye, Off Akure-Ondo Road, Akure, Ondo State.
08033319011, 08035540255, 08158190122

Benin City Principal: Mr. Idode Gabriel
Deeper Life Road, Ugbighoko, Benin City, Edo State.
08055055370, 08158190093

Calabar Principal: Mr. Akano Humphrey
Akpabuyo, Calabar, Cross River State.
08034952373, 08158190084

Enugu Principal: Mr. Adah Ali Christopher
Amaokpo, Enugu East LGA, Enugu State.
08033738617, 08158190113

Ibadan Principal: Mr.Awokoya Olanrewaju
Km 10, Ibadan-Oyo Express way, Opp. Deeper Life Camp Ground, Otun Agbaakin, Near Moniya, Ibadan, Oyo State.
08169526112, 08158190119

Ilorin Principal: Mr Kudabo Ola Joseph
DLCG, Eye n Korin, Near Ilorin, Kwara State.
08053313375, 08136832603, 08158190086

Kaduna Principal: Mrs.Olumuyiwa Bamishe
Deeper Life Camp Ground, Km 16, Kachia Rd, Kudansa, Kaduna
08065011197, 08158190115

Lagos Principal: Mr. Emmanuel Irewole Akomolafe
DLCC, Km 42, Lagos-Ibadan Express way, Lagos.
08028250233 08077440040 08191560151,08158190108

Onitsha Principal: Mrs. Ndulue Eunice
By Deeper Life Camp Ground, Nando Rd, Nteje, Oyi LGA, Onitsha, Anambara State.
07034499620, 08158190121

Osogbo Principal: Mr. Osiki Peter Sunday
Hallelujah Est. Near Agungbelewo, Osogbo, Osun State.
08130580528, 07030770169, 08158190117

Port-Harcourt Principal: Mrs.Atim Francis Uwa
Deeper Life Camp Ground, Along East-west Road, PMB 6164, Rumuodara, PhC.
08037084079, 08158190088

Yola Principal: Mrs. Rahila Uwemediso U.
Kwanam Waya, Along Numan Road, Yola, Adamawa State.
08053400877, 08158193615

Mrs. T. O. Malaka
Education Secretary


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3. Advantages of E-Learning In a 21st Century Learning Environment.............
4. News from our Various Campuses
5. Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)................................................................
6. Thrills of Ghana 2012...............................................................................................
7. Winning Essays from our Various Campuses on “How I Spent my Time in Ghana”.
8. Gains from E-Learning Africa – 7th International Conference on E-Learning Africa: Republic of Benin 2012..........
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Arise O compatriots
Nigeria’s call obey
To serve our father land
With love and strength and faith
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom
Peace and Unity

O God of creation
Direct our noble cause
Guide thou our leaders right
Help our Youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace
And justice shall reign

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity
And uphold her honour and glory
So help me GOD

Worthy students of Deeper Life High School,
Children of God, heirs of noble name;
Strive, in virtue and learning, to rule
In every weather, all the same;
Fight evil, defend the truth and be manful;
And with a sense of pride play the game.

Consider the lofty visions of our founders;
Their noble deeds and dignity mirror
Be not distracted or corrupted by others;
And walk not in ways that lead to sorrow
Fulfil the hopes of our mothers and fathers
Of a better and brighter tomorrow.

To Deeper Life High School, I pledge
To be a worthy Ambassador
And with all my might and knowledge,
Uphold its ideals - indoor and outdoor;
And by the grace of God, to fight for the right
While working hard for a future bright.

The Deeper Life High School is the brain child of the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi whose passion for godliness, upright leadership and moral excellence is well known. In a world where truth and moral absolutes are increasingly snubbed, Pastor Kumuyi has in many ways demonstrated an unflagging commitment to helping young men and women discover their purpose and moral direction in life. He is particularly concerned about grooming a new generation of future leaders with sound values and deep convictions that are rooted in God's word. It was this vision that gave birth to DLHS. Presently DLHS is in 15 locations and we are still spreading. The present campuses are:
  • Deeper Life High School, Abeokuta
  • Deeper Life High School, Abuja
  • Deeper Life High School, Ado-Ekiti
  • Deeper Life High School, Akure
  • Deeper Life High School, Benin-City
  • Deeper Life High School, Calabar
  • Deeper Life High School, Enugu
  • Deeper Life High School, Ibadan
  • Deeper Life High School, Ilorin
  • Deeper Life High School, Kaduna
  • Deeper Life High School, Lagos
  • Deeper Life High School, Onitsha
  • Deeper Life High School, Osogbo
  • Deeper Life High School, Port Harcourt
  • Deeper Life High School, Yola.

    Head Office: International Bible Training Centre (IBTC) Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos.
    Telephone: 08191560181, 08158190101, 07065243091, 08166215008
    Website: www.dlhschools.com or www.dlhschools.org or www.dlhschools.net
    E-mail address: deeperlifehighschool@yahoo.com

  • One Laptop computer per child, e-learning, e-Notes and a fully automated e-Learning process with full multimedia (Assisted Learning).
  • EVERY CHILD receives maximum attention – EVERY CHILD is important and EVERY CHILD can learn


    Dear Valued Parents,

    Its yuletide season and God be praised for mercies and care. So much has happened within the last twelve weeks and this edition of our newsletter will definitely interest you. Do read it as it is all about (us), your child/ward and get in touch with us if need be. For our students who are first timers in the boarding house, they definitely have some experiences to share; some exciting and others not. Hear them out all the same. All our first timers (JSS1 students) deserve a pat on the back for enduring this first term. What! With all the challenges? Can you imagine little Olu, Janet, Nuru or Ada all alone by him/herself in a new environment, new meals, school rules etc. They deserve some commendation. I salute their courage and we as parents must encourage them where necessary.

    Deeper Life High School is currently in fifteen (15) locations – Abuja, Abeokuta, Ado-Ekiti, Akure, Benin, Calabar, Enugu, Ibadan, Ilorin, Kaduna, Lagos, Onitsha, Osogbo, Port-Harcourt and Yola. The curriculum pattern is the same in all our campuses. Do tell your friends and neighbours about us.

    I will like to thank you parents who called or wrote from various campuses to us to express their feelings, negative/positive over one thing or the other. As much as possible, we tried to do something about such observations/complaints. I want to assure you that things can only get better, God helping us and with your sincere prayers. Remember, scripture says “pray without ceasing” (1Thess 5:17). Christmas and New Year break can be very exciting for all the family, yet parents should still find time to dialogue with their child/ward. Find out what actually has been his/her experiences while at school. Give candid advice and let the principal or teacher-parent know about your findings and feelings. My office will be willing to help in this regard. You are free to send a mail to my box: education_secretary@yahoo.com or call the following numbers - 08158190100, 08191560181, 07065243091.

    Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) is very much a part of our programme here in DLHS.

    Last academic year, from July 27th – August 3rd, we were in Ghana as a school for LOtC. The venue was the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra. Our students learnt so much; endurance, sacrifice, tolerance, appreciation, how to share, making new friends, improving communication skills, meeting people, breaking cultural grounds, food/clothing etc. The list can be endless really and you will find articles, photographs and stories about the trip in our DLHS newsletter- The thrills of Ghana 2012.

    For the current academic year, 2012/2013, the destination will be South Africa. God willing in the month of April 2013 and further trips to the United Kingdom and Ghana will be in August 2013. We have told our students that going for any LOtC trip will be by merit. Yes, they must merit the trip by working hard throughout the school year and making impressive grades. Good character is also a major yardstick. They must be well behaved. The cost aspect of all LOtC trips will be online soon. Do enjoy every bit of this maiden edition of our Deeper Life High School Newsletter and God bless you.

    Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

    Malaka T.O. (Mrs.)
    Education Secretary 

    First and foremost what is E-learning? E-learning refers to the use of technology to select, design, deliver, administer, facilitate and support learning.
    1. The term e-learning covers a wide range of applications and processes, including computer-based learning, web-based learning and mobile-learning. The followings are the advantages of E-learning.
    2. E-learning is an eye-opener to modern educational integration of all sectors.
    3. E-learning improves content delivery, methodology, pedagogy and expands available teaching and learning resource base.
    4. E-learning educational courses encourage flexibility in learning as the candidate/participant can study during their own free time.
    5. The interactive board (starboard) which is what is being used in all our DLHS classroom is fun to use, where teaching and other activities performed by the students in the class can be recorded and used in other classes which captivate the interest of the students. The live recorded video is distributed to the students for their revision and by so doing, it will enhance learning as they listen and watch the video.
    6. E-learning makes teaching/learning enjoyable for educators and students because it is stress free.
    7. Students have the e-notes and read ahead of lessons and make researches, therefore, educators are not the ‘alpha and omega’ of the lesson.
    8. Our students don’t find classes boring anymore; learning is interactive and student-centered.
    9. The use of ICT can enhance understanding of lectures through in-built teaching aids, diagrams etc.
    10. ICT is the instrument that increases the value of a society today.
    11. On mastering E-learning programmes, a lot of resources both financial and man-power are economized.
    12. As we upgrade our knowledge on ICT daily, there is no limit in the use of E-learning.
    13. ICT is a tool that aids learning.
    14. ICT is a tool to harness and profit from.
    15. ICT is a tool not infrastructures, it attracts the best students and receives best parents’ patronage.
    16. Students make best use of their personal systems and by so doing, explore the world of ICT freely under monitoring/supervision. They also became resourceful, and can even troubleshoot. This gives them an edge over their mates out there.
    17. As educators in Deeper Life High School, we have acquired the latest developments in ICT delivery, demystified our subjects, we inculcate ideas, norms and values into our students.
    18. In conclusion, our parents too are not left behind, their children’s results are uploaded on the school’s portal site, this is done by all subject educators, and it affords the parents the opportunity to check their children’s performances on net at their own conveniences.



    Mr. Ademolu Oluwafemi
    Principal Abeokuta Campus

    From the principal’s desk;
    Glory be to God in the highest and gratitude to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith, for seeing us through the 1st term of 2012/2013 academic session.

    The depth of my gratitude to God Almighty is unquantifiable and great beyond measure for proving that all things committed into his hands are made beautiful in His due time.

    What a blissful experience to have these unique children of Deeper Life High School, Abeokuta Campus. In spite of all the challenges that have confronted the campus this term, our students are like “Mount Zion that cannot be moved, but liveth and abideth forever”. I want to appreciate the efforts of all the stakeholders of Deeper Life High School who through their contributions, corrections, constructive criticisms and supports have helped us to leap from where we were to a new and greater height.

    Note that Deeper Life High School is a unique school, with a unique vision and mission to raise unique children who will turn out to be unique leaders and parents tomorrow.

    I therefore, appeal to our esteemed parents for more contributions and supports to achieve this unique goal.


    My Dear parent,
    The battle for our children’s lives waged on our knees.
    When we don’t pray, it’s like sitting on the sidelines watching our children in a war zone getting shot at from every angle.
    When we do pray, we are in the battle along side with them appropriating God’s power on their behalf. If we also declare the word of God in our prayer, then we wield a powerful weapon against which no enemy can prevail.

    The Principal Abeokuta Campus

    To our unique students.

    It seems you wish to be the head
    That’s a good one in that stead
    But this won’t happen under your shed
    With sleep or dreams on your bed
    Read, eat your books as if is your bread
    Do the work that’s been your dread
    Surely, there’s a success song ahead

    Holiday Assignment

    This is the christmas time, and there is tendency for children to be carried away with the festivities. Therefore, parents should please ensure that their children stay close to their books and do all the assignments given to them, including their projects. Remember that the height that great men achieved was not attained by sudden flight, but while other men slept, they (achievers) toil day and night. School fees The school resumes for the 2nd term on Saturday 5th January, 2013. Parents should note that accepting students back to school on resumption is based on the presentation of a draft for the full school fees. NB: Please, do not pay fees into anyone or school account. It is only by bank drafts or internet transfer. Merry chrismas and Happy New Year in advance.


    Mr. Ali Francis
    Principal Abuja Campus

    We are grateful to God for having helped us thus far in this first term.

    The school’s gate was opened to new and returning students on 22nd of September, 2012 for the First Term 2012/2013 session. The Lord has been faithful to us in all areas.

    School Materials: We want to appreciate you our valued dear parents for your patience and understanding when we experienced some delay in receiving some of the school materials from the Head Office. For the few of you whose children have not got some of the school uniforms due to sizes, kindly exercise some patient with us as efforts are on to make right sizes available to them.

    Leadership development programme: In pursuance of the DLHS Vision which is to transform our nation by producing upright leaders of the future through high quality and sound education, the school management has set aside every Wednesday of the week for leadership development programme which focuses on the moral upbringing of every child. This is producing great result in our campus.

    Family Meeting: Our first family meeting was held on Friday 16th November, 2012. It granted the students opportunity to meet with the Principal, the Educators and representatives of various sections and to frankly and openly ask questions and they were assured by the principal that everything was going to be alright.

    Boarding House Requirement: Please be reminded that the list of Boarding house Requirements that is attached to your child admission letter are expected to be fully provided while bringing back your child from every break. This is one of the conditions that must be fulfilled before a child can be checked in from every break. Please include also clipper and nail cutter in the list.

    Resumption Date and Timing: Resumption is on 5th January, 2012 between 2.00 and 6.00 pm. It will be well appreciated if the date and timing is strictly adhered to.

    Thank you for your cooperation and support so far. God bless you.
    We wish you a fruitful break.

    Abuja Campus


    Principal Ado-Ekiti Campus

    Calvary greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We give all the glory to God Almighty, Who has helped us thus far to the end of the first term 2012/2013 academic session. We cannot but appreciate all the stake holders of DLHS towards accomplishing the vision and mission of the school.

    Academic Activities: Academic activities went smoothly as students began the new session in September. Apart from the educators /students interactive session, the service of “Mathematics Clinic” personnel was also employed to break the Mathematics difficulties and fear. “The Speak Right ” classes also continue as students were taken through the lessons throughout the term. All these are to add credence to the academic standard.

    Spiritual/ Moral/ Discipline: Spiritual life is essential for the realization of the DLHS vision and mission. And that is why this is taken seriously. For this reason, leadership studies have been redesigned for 4-6pm on Wednesdays. And there is spiritual exhortation from the word of God on the assembly every morning. Students were also made to wait upon the Lord on the first day of the second assessment test till 12’O clock. Through all these spiritual programs, students moral lives are sharpen and, discipline instil in them.

    Visiting Day: We want to re-emphasis that visiting day is still second Saturday of every month. We equally want to remind our dear parents that cooked foods are not allowed during the visiting day except snacks and soft drinks.

    Administrative Building: The administrative block which has been under construction for more than one year is now nearing finishing, almost everything has been fixed except for plumbing work.

    Dining/ Chapel buildings: The foundation of the dining hall and chapel building which has been laid long ago started receiving attention as there was commencement of erection of building on it at the beginning of this term. It is just waiting to be roofed any moment from now.

    Walk-way: As part of the development taking place in our campus, walk-way has been constructed to overcome the problem of muddy ground during raining season. The walk-way between classrooms and the hostels has been constructed with interlocking stones.

    Water Tower: Added to this is the construction of another water tower to the existing one. This is to supply water to the new dining hall, classroom area and Administrative block to ease the problem of water faced in the past.

    Power Plant: The big power generating plant that has not been working has been repaired and been put to utmost use now. Holidays’ Assignments: The festive mood of this period of holidays we do not want our children throw their books away. They have been given holiday assignments, so parents should encourage them to do the holidays’ assignments given by the educators.

    Publicity: It is our desire and hopes that Deeper Life High School Ado Campus will grow. To realize this, there is need for adequate publicity. On the part of the school, we are set for a down-to- earth publicity. We equally enjoyed our beloved parents to assist us in publicizing the School.


    Mr. Ayofe Amusan
    Principal Akure Campus

    Calvary greetings to you in Jesus name. We cannot but give God the profoundest gratitude for an academic term concluded with a great deal of success. Success in realising most set goals for the vision and mission of the citadel field of learning. The term has witnessed chains of events that culminated into celebration moments.

    We look forward to the New Year with global touch particularly as we are very set for the great innovations of e-learning activities and commencement of diction programmes for our students so that they can speak right and sound right.

    It’s Christmas and it also means that our students get another break after all the hard work they have put in this term. Parents are enjoined to complement school’s effort by following the school programmes and events with zeal and enthusiasm.

    We wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.


    Mr. IDODE G. O
    Principal Benin Campus

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    We give glory to the giver of life for his enduring grace and mercies which engendered the triumphant completion of this term in our campus. Our academic achievement coupled with the unparallel moral standard are life long evidence of making unbeatable future leaders.

    ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Academic activities Started on Monday 24th September, 2012 after a two days orientation programme for the new students which started at about 5pm on Saturday 22nd September, 2012.

    TESTIMONY OF GHANA TRIP: The school international trip to Ghana had yet added another feather to the cap of our campus as we returned to our campus with the trophy of best overall in drama presentation.

    HOSTEL INSPECTION: The school in her recent crusade against uncleanness has put in place well organized team for inspection every Saturday to further enhance hygienic living among the students.

    CLUBS ACTIVITIES: The weekly clubs activities of our campus is second to none. With the current numeric blessing of God, the school now have five clubs namely press club, music club, French club, young farmer’s clubs, literary and debating/drama club. These clubs meet every Wednesday from 1:20pm to 2:30pm.

    HEALTH TALK: Health is wealth says an aphorism. To underscore the importance of health, our campus has integrated into our school curriculum regular health talk for the students, which is courteously taken by the school matron weekly.

    CONCLUSION: I wish you safe journey to your various homes, as I look forward to receiving your wards back in school on Saturday, 5th January, 2013 between 10am – 6pm.


    Thank you and God bless.


    Mr. Humphrey Akanno
    Principal Calabar Campus

    Esteemed Parents,

    From the serene city of Calabar, we send Calvary greetings to all our parents, patrons and also the general public. As we come to the end of the term and as we enter into this yuletide season we give all the glory to God for His divine presence, power, protection and provision.

    1. Vision- The vision of Deeper Life High School worldwide in general, and this Campus in particular is child-centred. It is anchored on Proverbs 22:6.m. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Vision is all about doing what others have been doing before but from a refreshingly new perspective so as to achieve a better result. This is our pursuit in Calabar Campus.

    2. Mission- Anchored on the vision ours is an avowed objective of touching the soul, spirit and body of the child. Through our weekly programmes of Bible Study, Revival Hour, Sunday Worship, sustained prayers, moral instruction and example, coupled with intensive academic impartation, the child cannot but be touched.

    3. E-Learning – This is another tentacle of this great citadel of learning. Each child now has a laptop and can follow the lesson step by step.

    4. Sports- All play and no work will make Jack a buffon; but all work and no play will equally make Jack a robot. Recognizing this every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings are dedicated to sports. The Campus now boasts a standard goal-post for active footballing. Every Saturday morning is for jogging.

    5. Learning outside the Classroom (LOTC)- To enhance learning outside the classroom the campus on Saturday 17th November, undertook as excursion to Tinapa Business resort. It was a wonderful trip full of fun, fanfare and learning.

    Conclusively, we wish all our parents and patrons the best that this season can offer.


    Mr. Adah Ali
    Principal Enugu Campus

    Dear parents,

    Calvary greetings in Jesus name.

    It is a thing of joy that the first term of 2012/2013 academic year was successfully concluded. All the students, both old and new were privileged to partake in all the school activities (both curricula and co-curricula). To crown it all, the children have all adjusted to school life and were all ready to learn in an e-learning environment.

    We are grateful to all parents who brought their children to this school. We are once more assuring you that we are working towards achieving the vision and mission statement of Deeper Life High School.

    The English Language class is always a very busy one as the educator engages the students in writing essays, poems, shorts stories, maxims and drama.

    The school can now boast of two brand new vehicles which include a new Hilux Jeep and an Hiace Bus. Also, new structures had been erected and they include the multi-purpose complex and a building for staff. Work is seriously going on.

    Our students are taking their academic work seriously and this is showing in their performance. Also they are spiritually sound and this has also led to improvement in their behaviour and day to day activities. All these showed during the last trip to Ghana where the school came 3rd position among the fourteen (14) campuses that participated in the Learning outside the classroom (LOtC) programme held at Ghana.

    We are counting on the support of our entire parents in the training of our children and we hope you will continue to support us the way you have been doing. We enjoin our parents to take good care of their children / wards during this holiday and equally assist them in the holiday assignments.

    School resumes for the second term of 2012/2013 session on the 5th of January, 2013. Kindly pay the school fees of your child/ward on or before resumption. Only those who have completed the payment of all their fees would be allowed in the school.

    Have a good time with your child. God bless you.


    Mr. Awokoya Olanrewaju
    Principal Ibadan Campus


    Marvellous and great in our sight are the deeds of the Lord. We want to specifically thank God for bringing us successfully to the end of first term of 2012/2013 academic session. The unparalleled and efforts of our visionary leaders and cooperative parents are equally appreciated. May God continue to strengthen them.


    During this term, our students were engaged in diverse academic and extra-curricular activities. Interestingly, the MATHS CLINIC and DICTION IN ENGLISH facilitators visited us and the students were richly blessed. Hence, watch out in the way your child solves mathematical problems and speaks English Language.

    It is worthy of note to say that DLHS Ibadan campus rides on eagle’s wings as laudable projects are already in place. The State Overseer for Deeper Christian Life Ministry Oyo State, in person of Pastor Odumosu had initiated a pure water production company called DE-LIFE. This is a direct spring where our children shall be supplied treated and ceaseless water for drinking Besides, there are three big fish ponds for growing and raising proteinous meals for our wonderful students. A poultry and rabbitry are also available for same purpose. Praise the Lord with us!

    Health, we are told is wealth. We have perpetually enjoyed God’s favour in the area of medical care for the past two years. However, we want to humbly inform our esteemed parents that a qualified medical personnel has been employed to cater for our students in the area of health. She cares but God heals.

    Through our Sunday messages, Monday Bible Studies coupled with Wednesday leadership trainings, our children are being groomed spiritually and morally. These form bedrock for Leaders in the making.

    SCHOOL FEES Our dear parents are enjoined to promptly pay their wards’ school fees. Upon resumption in January 5th 2013, FULL payment of school fees is a major condition for acceptance and admission of students.

    HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT I want to strongly appeal to all parents that assignments given to their children be properly monitored during the holiday. This keeps them judiciously busy without unnecessary engagements.

    CONCLUSION From the beginning till the end of this term, the principal and all educators had invested quality time to build the students spiritually. They have been taught how to pray and depart from all forms of evil. I want to passionately urge our dear parents to help us do a follow-up on the seeds we have planted in these able future leaders. We shall reap in due season if we faint not. The school principal can be contacted on these numbers 08158190119, 08169526112 (Between 10.00am and 8.00pm daily)

    Boys’ hostel line – 08150737384 Girls’ hostel line – 08150729991

    God bless you!


    Mr. Kudabo Joseph

    Esteemed Parents /Guardian,

    The attainment of objectives is the major reason for the existence of D.L.H.S. nationwide. It is also a reason why education is commanding a large proportion of our scarce resources in ensuring that the vision of transforming these children into leaders with distinction in the future is fulfilled. We therefore appeal to parents to trust in God, for ‘where there is no vision the people perish’.


    On Saturday 20th October, 2012, DLHS Ilorin campus paid a visit to the Trade Fair site, which is Gerin Alimi area Ilorin. We visited various stands, such as Benue State stand, where we saw decorated ceramic pots and vases, which were beautifully made; Ogun State – Batik, Tie and Dye clothes production and Delta State – Cane furniture production. The students had fun, we moved around the complex, we were ushered into the complex and shown the process of film shooting and how people act in Theatre. We were specifically thrilled at the River State stand, where we saw carved boat for Ragatta, carved village setting that looked real.

    FAMILY MEETING The forum comes up twice in a term, the beginning and end of the term. This is an avenue where students interact freely with the Principal on the overall welfare, advice, suggestions, ask questions, and recommend solutions to challenges.
    A lot of positive decisions have been taken for healthier relationship between staff, students, and parents through the forum

    SOCIAL NIGHT The school social night took place on 27th 0ctober, 2012. Presentations by the students a choreography drama and different games.

    VISITING DAY Visiting day holds on second Saturday of every month between 12.00 noon and 6.00pm.
    We want to reiterate that COOKED FOODS ARE PROHIBITED on visiting days. Only snacks and soft drinks are allowed. This is to prevent overeating on such days by students as some took ill after visiting days. We will appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

    STUDENT HEALTH Parents of students with peculiar health challenges should please write officially to the school Principal to inform him on the nature of the illness, intimating him on necessary precautions and prescribed medication in case of possible reoccurrence of such illness. this will help us serve you better.

    SCHOOL FEES School fees defaulters will not be allowed into the school premises. Fees are to be paid through bank drafts in favour of Deeper Life High School.

    COMMUNICATION The school Principal can be reached on these numbers; 08053313375, 08136832603.

    Our school is incomparable.


    Mrs. Bamishe Olumuyiwa

    Ours is gratitude to God Almighty who has brought us successfully to the conclusion of the first term of the 2012/2013 session. Our joy is boundless as we look back to our lofty attainment.

    Orientation for new students
    In ensuring that the new students are rightly integrated into the day to day activities of the school and also to familiarize them with what constitute the code of conducts in the school environment, the school organized an orientation programme at the beginning of the term. Sessions were created for the students to ask questions and to interact with one another. They were also issued school materials during the orientation.

    Accreditation of the DLHS Kaduna for the NECO Basic Education Certificate Examination
    On the 18th of October, 2012 the school was visited by a team of NECO officials from NECO Headquarters. After due inspection of the facilities on the campus and interaction with the academic staff, they were convinced of the high standard of education which the school offer and consequently issued the school NECO approval. By God’s grace, our upper basic nine students shall be writing their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE/NECO) 2013 in the school’s centre.

    Visit of the State Overseer
    The State Overseer, Pastor Okpara out of his busy schedules made an official visit to the DLHS Kaduna campus on the 9th of October 2012. In his address to the school, he made some revelation on the progress of the work on the permanent site and thereby urged all to be hopeful that our moving to the permanent site is imminent.

    DLHS Kaduna campus gets a new principal
    A new principal was posted to the school in the person of Mrs Olumuyiwa Bamise. Since her arrival on campus, a number of giant strides have been taken towards moving the school forward. This include: creation of a school library well stocked with books, purchase of equipments for Home Economics Laboratory, improvement in the welfare of the students, among other

    Leadership Development Programme
    To achieve cardinal objective for which DLHS was established – to produce upright leaders, the management had introduced the Leadership Development Programme with emphasis on the spiritual and moral well being of the students. It has been one of the most effective programmes of the school and a lot has been achieved since the inception of the programme.

    DLHS Kaduna acquire a new Toyota Hiace Bus
    This term, the school acquired a new Toyota Hiace Bus. This was given to the school during the annual teachers’ conference for this year. The bus had since been dedicated by the State Overseer Pastor Okpara during one of his official visits to the school this term.

    In conclusion we enjoin our parents to encourage their wards to do their assignments/projects during the holidays. We wish you happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year in Jesus Name (Amen).


    Mr. Akomolafe, E.I


    In spite of all odds, Deeper Life High School (DLHS), Lagos Campus has taken a giant stride in the just concluded 1st term 2012/13 academic session. Like the grain of mustard seed planted and growing, the school is fast becoming one to be reckoned with in our dispensation. This attests to the fact that it is a dream fulfilled at the appointed time. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

    Academically, with the support of the highly committed educators, the students were exposed to rigorous intellectual drilling during the term. Class exercises, assignments, projects and continuous assessment tests kept the students constantly focused on their books throughout the term

    Achievement during the term includes:

  • State government approval and recognition for Basic Education Certificate Examinations.
  • Full NECO accreditation for Basic Education Certificate Examinations
    Sustainability of our students in the school irrespective of challenges
    Mathematics made easy with four educators supported by personnel of Mathematics Clinic International
  • Speak right and sound right initiative that integrated our students to the world class school
  • ICT drive in the spirit of 21st century technology
  • Musical creativity and skill expertise by many of our students
  • Sports and games that kept the students active and agile
  • Unique and interactive leadership training programme every Wednesdays which distinguish our school from among the crowd
  • Discipline of erring students that keep them from derailing, e.t.c
  • I wish you all happy Christmas and prosperous New Year 2013 in advance. Yours in His service,

    Akomolafe, E.I.



    What shall we render unto the Lord, who has brought us this far! It is no secret, what God can do. Its really surprising how DLHS Onitsha was greatly transformed within a space of time. Parents, students, staff, were all flabbergasted to resume the new session in a more decent, spacious and wonderful environment.


    DLHS offers your child a great deal of opportunities to explore all possibilities in life. Students are taught in a disciplined and godly environment thereby instilling in them the attributes of honesty, hard work, and respect for constituted authority and consideration for others with the fear of God. This is achieved through a wide range of programmes planned for the students.

    Co-curricular activities:
    We have planned extracurricular programme which places much emphasis in personal development and add value to the lives of our students. Some of our activities include: Quiz, Debate, Public Speaking, and Impromptu Speech, Spelling and Reading and Sport. Also, auditions have been conducted in the drama club and talents have been discovered. The home maker’s Club is not left out as they had learnt how to sew aprons on their own, prepared scrambled eggs, pineapple juice etc. Through co-curricular activities, DLHS Onitsha students are being adequately equipped as future leaders.
    Evening games/sports:
    Our students have time to take part in different games and sports as a way of relaxation and exercise for health.
    Social Nights:
    Social nights are organised to spice up the students’ lives. Various activities are organized which include: special songs, film shows, fastest and best, recitation etc.

    It is often said that “Health is wealth” The school has a visiting doctor who visits the school thrice a week. Since she started coming the Lord has brought our constant patronage of the nearby Primary Health Centre to an end.

    The students are trained on week-ends to handle various musical instruments such as keyboards, guitar, violin, clarinet, saxophone, recorders etc.

    Apart from having their E-note on the laptop, our students had been trained to use different search engines, make presentations through power point and create various designs.

    DLHS Onitsha is well equipped with modern equipments such as Home Economics Laboratory, Basic Technology Workshop, Cultural and Creative Arts Studio, Integrated Science Laboratory.

    As we take the academic and physical well- being of our students seriously, so we take their spiritual lives. The school have a chapel where we have regular fellowship including Sunday service. Also, prayer meetings and devotions do take place in the hostels on regular basis. All these are geared towards the spiritual development of our students.

    GHANA 2012 Recently , we joined other campuses on the trip to Ghana. Places of interest visited include:

  • The national museum park which displays Ghana’s rich culture and history,
    • Colourful, bustling Makola market, where our students bought the popular Akosombo fabrics.
    • The Arts centre
    • Akosombo Dam etc.
    The students enjoyed every bit of the activities despite challenges along the line. We give God the glory that Onitsha was among the campuses that came home with a trophy for taking 3rd position in drama and other related competitions
  • Even though, this is a festive period, we encourage parents to ensure that assignments given to students are properly done as they form part of their assessment for next term.
    Second term begins on Saturday 5th January 2013. Do not forget that all payments must be by bank draft.
    We wish you a safe and happy Christmas break and look forward to seeing you and your wards next term. Thanks



    Thanks be to God for seeing us through the first term of 2012/2013 academic session. We equally appreciate our valued parents for their contributions. Curricular and co-curricular activities went on smoothly in our new serene learning environment. The daily recitation of the school vision in the recent time has made our students conscious of God’s plan for their lives.

    Maths Clinic: The Director of Maths Clinic International (Mr. Edhuize Emmanuel) visited the Campus to enlighten the Students on the principle of solving Mathematics.
    Innovation in Leadership Studies:- The Leadership Studies now take a new dimension, special series are taught so as to achieve the goal of producing upright Leader.
    Use of laptop at home: The mini laptop is made available for students to read ahead and to find solutions to the questions. The school will not tolerate pornographic pictures and music on their laptops, hence parents should monitor the use of the laptop at home.

    Finally, I enjoin all parents to once again ensure their children study their books during the Xmas holiday.

    Happy New Year in advance. I wish all our lovely students and parents wonderful Xmas break.



    With a heart full of gratitude to God, the term has been a colorful one. On Saturday 22nd of September 2012 school successfully opened for the session as both old and new students came into campus. An orientation programme which was particularly organized for the new students commenced on the 22nd of September 2012 and lasted for two days. Students were exposed to the school rules and regulations. Questions were answered. They were also made to tour round the school premises.

    Normal school activities and extra-curricular activities went on normally. Teachers put in their best and students learnt in a comfortable and clean environment with good meals. We had visitors from the Federal Ministry of Education and National Examination Council (NECO). Both bodies gave good remarks about the school. What with the modern and well-equipped laboratories! I am glad to say that Deeper Life High School, Port Harcourt Campus has been accredited to sit for NECO examination!

    While looking forward to a wonderful Christmas holiday our valued parents are reminded that students will be received back to school on the presentation of draft for their school fees. The principal can be reached on the following lines 08037084079 and 08158190088.

    A team of National Examination Council (NECO) officials led by Mr. Okoli, J.B.C visited our campus for the purpose of inspection on 20th of October, 2012. They were taken round the school compound and the facilities we had were displayed for them to inspect. Also, Thursday November 1, 2012 is a day to ever be remembered in the history Deeper Life High School, Port Harcourt as five officials from the Federal Ministry of Education arrived our campus to inspect and evaluate the school’s activities. To our astonishment, these officials expressed an exceptionally high level effectiveness as they thoroughly inspected almost every details of the school.



    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    We sincerely appreciate you for giving us the privilege to mentor your child. Without mincing words, the term has been so exciting and educative. Spiritual development was not left out. As we end this first term, we are full of gratitude to God for seeing us through victoriously.

    Family meeting
    Friday 2nd November, 2012 was the first family meeting held and the students expressed their views on the food, environment and materials given to them. This gave us insight that will enable us serve them better and adequately prepared them to be the leaders with distinction they ought to be.

    School materials
    We appreciate the effort of the Headquarters this academic year for making available all school materials in good time, we pray for more grace upon them.

    This term God helped us with our projects. The two hostels were roofed and windows blinds were supplied to add beauty to the hostels and the students appreciated that a lot.

    Visiting day
    The visiting day still remains the 2nd Saturday of every month and no cooked food will be allowed. Defaulters(Students) will face disciplinary measures or fined.

    Resumption date
    The resumption date for second term is 05/01/13. God willing, all students are expected to resume as stipulated. Offenders will be punished, parents should take note please. If for any reason a student will not resume on the said date, the school should be notified.

    School fees
    Students should come along with their bank draft in favour of DLHS.

    Holiday assignment
    Parents should ensure that their wards read their books and do all assignments given to ensure continuity of concepts learnt in school. We also advise the children be properly monitored to guide against peer group influence.

    Feed back
    We appreciate the cooperation of parents in responding to the students’questions during the mid-term break which supplied vital information that will help us in realizing the vision and mission of the school

    We wish you a safe journey back home as we also look forward to welcoming you back on the 5th January 2013. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance God bless you.


    Qualitative and functional education has been described as a vehicle for socio-cultural, economic, and political engineering of society, where children as future leaders of society are processed as raw materials being groomed to become complete individuals for adult life. It is the sure means for a successful socialization that cannot be overlooked. When neglected or left to chance, the consequent effects are better imagined than experienced. The situation with Nigeria today is a clear evidence of this neglect that needs diagnostic redress.
    The standard of academic service delivery in this country has been so brutalized to the point that even many University degree holders of today cannot write a complete sentence without grammatical blunders or cannot defend the certificates they possess. Lecturers and teachers no longer teach with the zest of yesteryears and they now collude with students to obtain grades they had not worked for just for unwholesome gratifications in cash and kind. Merit and hard-work has been thrown overboard. The decay continues to fester and getting deeper by the day. Public schools have become venues for breeding social vagrants who become street urchins, miscreants, prostitutes, robbers, yahoo-yahoo or area boys. Non-professionals have delved into school business, not because they love education but to cash on the failure of governments to give quality education. Theirs is a commercial interest to enrich them. These schools dotting the Nigerian landscape have become miracle centres for examination malpractice.

    DEEPER LIFE HIGH SCHOOL Deeper Life High School is a secondary school with a mission not only for the production of students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders, but also, a school on a rescue mission to serve as a beacon for others to take bearings from in the country. As the years go by, and as the fledgling school continue to blossom, this notion or claim will eventually become apparent.
    The School is unique and distinct from all other secondary schools in Nigeria, in terms of our approach and latent goal. We are out to show that it can be done better and students can be made to be self-reliant and to make it through diligence in study without cheating in examinations. We aim also, at giving that quality education that can transform children from variegated backgrounds and to make a total child of any student who passed through our hands to become the complete man/woman, within the six years of secondary education. We intend to make this transformation so glaring (God helping us) that society will feel the impact in a few years after our products begin to enter into the labour force of this country and the outside world at large.

    Right from its inception in September, 2010, a Curriculum Department was established at the School’s Headquarters in Lagos to serve as the academic hub of the school. With campuses spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria (presently we have 15 campuses of the school in 15 States of the country and we are growing), the Curriculum Department coordinates guides and standardizes the academic activities of the school from headquarters. We operate a centralized system that creates uniformity in all campuses by the use of ICT and internet facilities to communicate and transmit relevant academic nuggets, information, materials and resources. The Curriculum Department attempts all possibilities to promote the best that a secondary school can offer students in terms of curricular/co-curricular inputs.

    1.Preparation of E-Learning Notes: The department prepares comprehensive Schemes of Work for all Basic Education subjects as prescribed by the National Policy on Education and in the National Curriculum published by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). E-learning notes are prepared by subject experts under the supervision of the Curriculum Department for all classes (Basic 7 - 9). The e-learning notes are thoroughly edited and uploaded into both educators’ and students’ Laptops before the beginning of every academic session. These notes are very embracive, far richer than any single textbook can offer on the subject. As the School gravitates into Senior Secondary as from September, 2013, arrangements are in progress to produce schemes of work and e-learning notes for all subjects to be offered in the SS classes.

    2. Assessment/Review of Relevant Textbooks: The department assesses and reviews all available textbooks before making choice of textbooks and other study materials to be procured for students and educators at the beginning of every new session. It is the School’s policy to give uniform textbooks in all subjects to students of various classes irrespective of their campus location.

    3. Continuous Assessment/Tests and Examinations: According to Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning objectives, we evaluate and assess students’ learning outcomes in the three domains of Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor through classwork, assignments and tests in the school. The curriculum Department ensures that uniformity of action obtains in the campuses by standardizing tests/examination questions from headquarters.

    4. Quality Assurance: The Quality Control Department which is at the headquarters works in close tandem with the Curriculum Department to ensure effectiveness in curriculum implementation in the campuses.

    5. Termly/Sessional Examination Results: While continuous/assessment examination results are issued to students by Principal in the Campuses. However, the format being used is configured by the Curriculum Department. This makes all results given to the students in the campuses to be same. A comprehensive overall result is prepared at the end of every term/session with the aim of analyzing and evaluating students’ performances and how each campus is performing in the subjects.

    6. Selection, Training and Re-training of Educators: Our educators on selection and recruitment have to be re-trained, sensitized and orientated for effective service delivery, as expected of them in a unique mission-driven school like Deeper Life High School. We advocate quality investment for the development of our teaching staff, since no man or woman can give what he or she does not possess. They have to be retrained so that they can give the high quality education to our students. For this purpose we configure and organize training programs and orientation conferences at the end of each academic year to prepare both old and new staff for the take-off of a new academic session. The educators are also being trained to become proficient in the use of the computer and other electronic devices such as the Clever Board, the Smart Board in their classroom teaching. As a full ICT compliant school, which aims at show-casing the best practice in ICT integrated pedagogy, our officers, educators, ICT personnel attend Internationally organized E-Learning Conferences outside this country (such as E-Learning Africa held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2011, and in Cotounou, Benin Republic in 2012), to stimulate their professional awareness and competencies.

    7. Moral and Spiritual Aspect of the School: As a Christian Mission School, we uphold the tenets of Christianity as taught in the Holy Bible and by the Lord Jesus Christ and we groom our students (not indoctrinate), to follow the path of moral probity and integrity with the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom. Apart from the lessons derivable in academic subjects like Social Studies, Civic Education and Christian Religious Studies, we also teach to inculcate noble and leadership qualities in line with our motto which is “Leadership with Distinction.” Discipline as against indiscipline is a sin-qua-non of the school in its totality and it is non-negotiable.

    CONCLUSION: It has been posited that ‘if you think education is too expensive, try ignorance’. As the most effective means of successful socialization of the child, and the best legacy parents can bequeath their children, whatever is invested on quality education for children is good investment.

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